Competition court Locations

Other competition courts are below:


Castlereagh Club courts (Court 1 CC1 & Court 2 CC2)

LOCATION: The Castlereagh Club - Court 1 & Court 2, B1 Level, 199 Castlereagh St.

AVAILABILITY: The court is available from 5pm to 8pm most nights. Please ensure all matches start on time as per below.

Any matches not complete by the end time can be continue another day with players booking court time via the Cour Booking System - City Houses will NOT pay for rescheduled matches due to unfinished matches at the specific end time.

  • Mon CC1 & CC2 - available from 5pm to 8pm 
  • Tue CC1 & CC2 - available from 5pm to 8pm 
  • Wed CC1 - available from 6pm to 8:30pm - please note different start/end time.
  • Wed CC2 - available from 5pm to 8pm 
  • Thu CC1 & CC2 - available from 5pm to 8pm 
  • Fri CC1 & CC2 - available from 5pm to 8pm**.

** On Friday evenings, the Gym/fitness centre closes at 7pm but the squash courts, court lights and change rooms will remain available until 8pm for CHSRA squash players. If you need to contact a Castlereagh Club staff member after 7pm on Fridays, someone will always be onsite either in the ‘gaming room’ (Ground Floor) and the Bar area (Upper Ground Floor).

NOTE: To gain entry to the courts, go to the front desk and let them know you are playing squash. They will let you into the gym area. The squash courts are located 2 floors down (on lowest floor). You need to take the stairs as there are no lifts. Once you arrive on the lowest floor, walk straight ahead and you will see the door to the squash courts. A water cooler is available however please bring your own water bottle as cups are not supplied. Do not leave any valuables unattended in any area of the Club.


  • Squash courts close 30 min before gym close
  • Everyone must be a member of the club (current club card)
  • Everyone has to swipe their cards when entering
  • This is an 18+ facility so no children allowed at any time
  • It is your responsibility to show up on time
  • Squash players must not play outside of booked times
  • Resisting leaving the court after the end of your booked time may result in immediate cancelation of membership
  • Squash members who are caught working out in the gym without a gym membership will have their squash membership cancelled


BW – Bondi Waverley Squash Courts

LOCATION: 8 Denison Street, Bondi Junction.


  • Two courts (BW1 and BW2) are available every Tuesday - strictly between 5pm - 8pm. Players must stop play at 8pm even if not complete.
  • Two courts (BW1 and BW2) are available every Wednesday - strictly between 5pm - 8pm. Players must stop play at 8pm even if not complete.
  • Two courts (BW1 and BW2) are available every Thursday- strictly between 5pm - 8pm. Players must stop play at 8pm even if not complete.



Non currently required



  • Take the train to Bondi Junction Station.
  • Walk 5 mins to the squash courts via Oxford St, turn left into Denison


  • Bus services 340, 333 and 400, plus others are also available. Please check the transport timetable and route.

Hiscoes, Surry Hills

LOCATION: 525 Crown St, Surry Hills

AVAILABILITY: 5.45pm to 8pm. Please ensure a match commences at 5.45pm SHARP.

FACILITIES: Free towels, lockers and shower facilities for players.


  • Train:
    • Take the train to Central station.
    • Exit Central Station via the South Concourse - Devonshire Street exit (opposite end of the train to Eddie Avenue) and walk up Devonshire St.
    • After about 10 minutes, turn right into Crown St.
    • Hiscoes is located on the right side of Crown St - heading away from the City
    • No special instructions on entry.
  • Bus:
    • From the city - catch bus 304 from Circular Quay (opp AMP). Bus continues along Phillip Street --> Elizabeth St (stopping at Museum of Sydney, Martin Place, cnr Park St, cnr Goulburn St).
    • Bus goes up Crown Street, Surry Hills.
    • Press button immediately after you cross Devonshire Street. Hiscoes is on opposite site of Crown Street.
    • Allow approx. 20-30 mins.
    • Alternatively, you can get any bus along Cleveland Street, getting off at intersection with Crown Street and walk 4 mins to Hiscoes.

Royal - Royal Sydney Courts

LOCATION: Royal Sydney Golf Club, Kent Rd, Rose Bay.

AVAILABILITY: The court is strictly available Thursday between 6pm to 8.30pm.


  • It is a club policy that all players wear all whites for squash and tennis.
  • Visitors will be shown the location of change rooms on arrival which are usually locked after normal hours.
  • 2 courts will be available for competition use on each night.


  • Train:
    • Take the train to Edgecliff Station.
    • Take the 324 or 325 from Stand D
    • Lyne Park is on the left, then Kent Rd to the right.
  • Bus:
    • From the city - The 324 and 325 buses operate from the city along New South Head Rd.
    • Lyne Park is on the left, then Kent Rd to the right.
  • Car
    • Turn into Kent Rd off New South Head Rd in rose Bay.
    • Go up Kent Rd about 200m and turn left into the carpark.
    • On the middle level of the carpark there are exits to the north-eastern corner which will lead out to the entrance of the squash courts.
    • The squash court building is next to the carpark.

Map attached (PDF)

Sydney Uni Aquatic Fitness Centre 

LOCATION: Lower Ground, Darlington Rd & Codrington Street (off Abercrombie Street), Darlington (near Redfern/Newtown) NSW 2008 

Arena Sports Centre is located approx. 10min walk from the Sydney Uni Aquatic Fitness Centre at A30 Western Ave, University of Sydney.

Note: Bathroom facilities can be found on a small flight of stairs just below the squash courts. 
PHONE:  (02) 9351 4978 


Please note alternative arrangements for the following dates only:


All other dates/times are below:

  • every Thursday from 7 June 2018 - 6pm - 8:30pm.
  • Please ensure a match commences at 6pm as you must vacate the court at 8.30pm, even if matches are not complete.

View map or view website.

  • Bus: Any bus going from city via Paramatta Road, turning onto King Street (422, 423, 426, 428, L23, L28, M30). Get off at 'City Road near Butlin Avenue' stop, continue walking along towards Newtown on King Street until you get to Butlin Avenue and turn left. Butlin Avenue meets the corner of Codrington Street and Darlington Road where the centre is located.  (approx 16 mins on bus from Central to Acquatic centre). 
  • Train: Go to Redfern station, exit station on Lawson Street and turn left.  Continue along Lawson which merges with Abercrombie Street. Turn left onto Abercrombie St and continue to roundabout and turn right onto Codrington Street.  Centre is just up on your right (approx 11 mins walk). 

TC - Tattersalls Club

LOCATION: 181 Elizabeth St, Sydney (Opposite Hyde Park)


  • Monday 5.30pm to 8pm 
  • Thursday 5.30pm to 8pm 
  • Friday 5.30pm to 8pm 


Players are required to:

  • Buzz in at the front door (if closed) and sign in on level 2 at the front desk of the Athletics Department
  • Wear business clothes when entering the club (i.e. You can't enter in your squash gear)
  • Individual lockers will be provided to the players

UUSC - Union, University & Schools Club Courts

LOCATION: 60 Phillip Street (Shares the same entrance as "The Hotel School" and is opposite the Governor Phillip Tower, between Bridge Street and Bent Street).

AVAILABILITY: The court is strictly available between 5.30pm to 8.30pm only.

  • Monday 5.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Wednesday 5.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Thursday - Court 1 5.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Thursday - Court 2 5.30pm to 8.30pm


  • Press intercom at front door to gain access to Health Club. State that you are playing in the Squash Competition.
  • Then proceed to lift and go to level 2 to Health Club reception and main gym area.
  • The Squash courts are located on this level.
  • Changing rooms are on level 3 and are accessed via rear fire stairs located at the squash courts.
  • To gain access back in to level 2 from change rooms will require a squash competition playing member to let them back in. (An access card will not be made available to non members)

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