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President's report

Hello City Houses Club Members and Competition Participants 

I am pleased to provide a short note about the City Houses Squash Racquets Association’s (C.H.S.R.A) operations for 2013. 

2013 was a wonderful year for the City Houses Squash Competition with 15 organisations entering a total of 58 teams totalling 380 players. After looking at C.H.S.R.A records we believe it is the largest number of teams entered in the comp since the early 1990’s. 

Who ever said squash was a dying sport! 

To give a better idea of the size of the comp and its attraction to City workers / residents, the City Houses Comp, based on my research, is the second largest sporting event organised in the CBD specifically catering for city workers / residents after the lunchtime Corporate Running Challenge. 

On the social squash side, the City Houses Squash Club (C.H.S.C) has come on leaps and bounds since its inception 2 years ago. As at March 2013, the club had approximately 300 members and handles just over 2,000 social bookings per year at the LAW courts which makes it by far the busiest squash courts in the CBD.  I put this popularity down to the commitment of some on the committee (especially our membership officer Adam Cagliarini) to make it as easy as possible to book the court thus keeping court hire very competitive. 

The 2014 season see new challenges facing the C.H.S.R.A simply due to the growing popularity of squash in the CBD (of course this is a great challenge to face).  The primary goal of C.H.S.R.A is and will remain using its resources to finding, refurbishing or building new courts to be accessible to its members and for anyone who wants to play squash in the CBD. Without jumping the gun before anything is set in stone I am pleased to say we are in discussion with a number of venues to achieve this goal. 

Of course none of this would be possible or in fact C.H.S.R.A simply would not exist without the dedication of a committee who love the game and want to see it flourish in town. So my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the members of the committee who donate their time free of charge. 

Finally thankyou to all players, administrators and court providers who are involved City Houses and with your continued support, I am hoping for an even bigger and better 2014. 

Happy Squashing


George Deubler 
President C.H.S.R.A

June 2014

Competition overview

The team's competition is played Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays. A Grade is generally kept to Monday nights only, with all other grades sharing all nights of the week. 

The start date is the 1st Monday in May and we complete by late September (before school holidays).

Combined AGM and Grading Meeting are held 4 weeks before competition start date.

A representative from the NSW Squash Referees committee will conduct an evening rules session to assist all players in the interpretation of squash rules. This is usually held in the week prior to the commencement of competition.

The cost for each team in 2010 is approx. $360, with $35 for a box of a dozen squash balls. One team must supply a new ball on the night.

Squash courts provided by companies have a reduction in their company team fees. Any commercial courts used are fully paid by the Association.

Teams require 4 players each week (3 only for A Grade), and no restriction on the total number for each team, however players must have played 4 matches to qualify for semi finals and finals. Number of rounds can range from 12 to 16. Teams can be mixed or of one gender.

Winners and runners up from each grade receive prizes for six team members. Extra cost is involved for any additional members requiring prizes.

An annual dinner is held close to the end of competition, usually in October on a Friday evening in the City where the prizes are handed out.

Companies Represented in the City Houses Squash Teams Event

  • AMP
  • APRA
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • KPMG
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Next Financial
  • Openlink Financial
  • Reserve Bank
  • Finity Consulting
  • Westpac
  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Altar Boys

Grades and their NSW Squash Pennant Equivalent

  • A Grade - Mens high B Grade and above and Ladies Sydney Premier Grade.
  • B Grade - Mens high C Grade and above and Ladies A1 and above.
  • C Grade - Mens low C Grade and high D Grade and Ladies A2 and below.
  • D1 Grade - Mens low D Grade (prefer no pennant players) and Ladies B Grade and below.
  • D2 Grade - No pennant players and no regular social players, just above beginner status.
  • D3 Grade - Beginners, limited squash experience.